You Are A Writer (Chapter Six)

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Next up is chapter six of You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins today, where we dive into the different types of platforms for writers and which one may work best for each of us!

You Are A Writer (Chapter Six)You Need A Platform

Now this chapter made up for how short Chapter Five was.  So much great information packed into one chapter, so believe me when I say that today’s post only covers the main points briefly.  There is a lot to glean in this chapter and I loved it!

The main point that Goins was trying to make was that as writers we need a platform in order to build our readership, etc.  But we have to first get permission from our readers or we just end up spamming people or yelling into the wind.  He said, “You can’t force people to care.  You can only earn it.  It’s the permission people give you to communicate with them.”

This is a vital step that, unfortunately, many writers skip completely and then wonder why no one reads their stuff.  It’s all about earning our readers trust, earning a place in their life, that builds our following.

Now we keep talking about ‘platforms’, so Goins took a minute to explain what exactly a platform is:

“A platform is people.”

Now, to me, that sounds like a different definition than what people may often think of.  We think of platforms as being our method for communication (blogs, TV, books, etc.), never the people we are trying to communicate to.  That adds a whole new spin on the concept and gave me a lot to think about while I was reading this chapter.

To keep expanding on this topic, Goins then offered a short list of potential places where you can build your platform from, which got me thinking about all the different people that I follow and enjoy that inhabit such platforms naturally.  It’s amazing to see how so many people can build gigantic followings with all sorts of platforms.  From the big Youtubers to the podcast kings/queens, then the various bloggers (including Goins himself) who have written their way into so many people’s hearts and minds.  Astonishing to think that could be each of us, in our own way, with our own special groups of followers.  I love that point.

Many well known people have platforms (in fact, it’s how they became so well known in the first place), but why do they do so well?  Goins said, “Each one of them has a unique worldview and a community of people who share that perspective.  People who listen to them.”  Thus why our platforms are really the people who listen to us.

The 5 Main Types of Platforms

Goins actually had an interesting list of the ‘types’ platforms out there:

  • The Journalist
  • The Prophet
  • The Artist
  • The Professor
  • The Celebrity

The book goes into greater detail explaining what each platform means and how it may fit you.  It also got me analyzing the different people that I follow that fit into these types.  It’s fascinating to think about how they are each different and how they have built up their readership in such unique ways.

Personally, The Journalist is definitely what I relate to, but The Professor as well depending on what the topic is about.  I would love to hear which one you identify with the most in a comment below!

So, straight to the point about platforms: how do you build a platform?  Help people!

“Helping people builds trust.  With trust comes permission.  With permission, the opportunity to share your work.”-Goins

One good example of this is a coach I follow that has a ‘free or very expensive’ system for all the courses, downloads and videos she offers.  She provides so much free help and the amount of trust that she builds with people through those free items definitely fits her prices when she does charge for things.

I’m seeing all these points connect and I’m learning a lot.  The next chapter should be just as interesting :)

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If you read chapter six, be sure to share your thoughts, opinions and Platform type below!

You Are A Writer (Chapter Six)

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