You Are A Writer (Chapter Nine)

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Today we dive into Part 3: Taking Action of You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins.  This is the chapter where we take all of the information we’ve gleaned in the previous chapters and turn them into actions we can take starting today.  I love making things happen, so let’s get right to it!

The Pink Bookworm Club You Are A Writer by Jeff Goins chapter nineGetting Started

Okay, so we want to be the best writers we can be.  We want to help as many people as we can.  We want to inspire the world or at least a few readers.  And we know that this is all possible for writers, if we are willing to work hard…but what do we actually do to get started?

That’s where Goins continues to take us on the path towards being the writers we are meant to be.  While he knows that what we need to do is not easy, he encourages us to just get started and begin the process of making something happen.

“You just need to begin.  You’ll figure out the rest as you go.”-Goins.

This is a super important point to remember.  What some refer to as ‘perfection paralysis’ does hold a lot of writers back.  We think that everything needs to be just right before we can take the next step in spreading out writing to the world, finding readers and even making an income for ourselves.

What actually ends up happening is…absolutely nothing.

We sit and plan, plan and sit, and never actually make our dreams and plans a reality.  This is something that I’ve dealt with for years and have finally begun to figure out how to get around (although there are still projects that continue to sit untouched, due to my want of perfection and FEAR of putting them out there for the world to see).

If you actually want to make something happen, then Goins lists a few things to get started on and then explained, “Wherever you choose to start, start small and build.”  This is an important point as what is directly connected to perfection paralysis is the thought that if we launch something, it needs to be to a huge audience, with a million people ready to read what we have to write.

We forget that everyone starts somewhere and often that somewhere is small.  We start with one blog post, we start with one reader (probably a parent trying to support us), we start with one follower on social media.  The hundreds, the thousands and even the millions of readers don’t come immediately (unless something goes viral, but that’s a rarity most of us will never get to enjoy).  So we have to carefully tend our small beginnings if we ever want them to grow into something amazing.

Goins proceeds to lead us into finding the three important components of our relationships: fans, friends, and patrons.  Each is needed, but each has it’s own way of connecting with and growing in relationship with.  Notice the keyword here?  Relationships.

“Relationships are important.  They can lead to all kinds of opportunities and breakthroughs in your career.”-Goins.

Embed that into your mind: everything starts and everything ends with relationships.  You cannot do anything without relationships.  You cannot grow without relationships.  Good, bad or otherwise, we all have relationships.  From the moment we are born to our tombstone, we are all connected through relationships.  They are important for our personal lives, but they are just as vital for our business lives and writing careers.

So start taking them seriously, treat them carefully and cultivate the relationships that may lead to big change in your writing and in your life.

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If you read chapter nine, I would love to hear your thoughts below!

The Pink Bookworm Club You Are A Writer by Jeff Goins chapter nine 9

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