You Are A Writer (Chapter Eleven and Final)

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After eleven chapters of You Are a Writer (So Start Acting Like One) by Jeff Goins, we reach the end.  Looking back, we’ve covered a lot of ground.  From encouragement to claim the title of Writer, to figuring out how best to spread your unique message, to how to get past the fear of pitching and do something great.  We’ve asked questions, found answers, received encouragement and yet we now stand at the end.  How are we going to wrap this book up?  Let’s find out.

The Pink Bookworm Club You Are A Writer by Jeff Goins chapter eleven finalWhen The Pitching Ends

When you first start truly start letting yourself dream about being a writer, about seeing your name in a magazine or on the cover of a book, it can seem daunting.  Sure, the idea’s great, but how do you get there?  Of course, this book was all about getting there, about making those dreams a reality.  Now Goins wants to remind us that if we were willing to put in the work, to practice our craft and to form relationships with our future readers and editors, that we have some new choices to consider once we ‘make it’ as writers.

“Every milestone affords a new vantage point.  You realize how much there is left to explore.”-Goins

But will you explore it?  Will you let yourself keep dreaming, keep doing and keep taking one small step towards something new?  That’s the choice each of us must make at each stage of our writing, whether we want to get published or just finish the first draft of our novel.

I appreciate Goins keeping us accountable and not letting us sink into our success and do nothing else.  Sure, we can settle on our published works and let them speak for themselves.  But Goins warns us of doing just that:

“Don’t get cocky when you see success.  You’re not as big of a deal as you feel.  And the feeling fades.  What remains is the eternal joy of getting to do work you love.”-Goins

Isn’t that what all writers want?  To write and be successful at it?  To be able to put food on the table with the words that we type on screen or write in pen?  That’s something that I believe to be one of the most basic, but often most important goals for writers.  And once you achieve that?  It provides you the opportunity to open up to those dream projects you’ve always wanted to pursue.  To write those articles that take more thought, those books that will take more time, and put your heart into your writing even more than you could before.

Because as writers we just want to write.  Whatever comes to us beyond that is just a bonus.

So what parting words does Goins offer?  A call to action:

“We’re done here.  Now, go do something that matters.”-Goins

What will you do?

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If you finished the book, what were your thoughts?  What stood out the most to you?  I would love to hear your opinion in a comment below!

The Pink Bookworm Club You Are A Writer by Jeff Goins chapter eleven final 11

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