Why Is Snapchat So Popular?

Social media is ever changing.  Apps and social networks come and go, some get popular and then fall, while others remain steadily busy.  The only constant with social media is the constant change.  One such change has been the recent popularity surge of Snapchat with business owners and people in general.  If you have no idea what Snapchat is, I recommend this article for a good introduction on it.  Basically, it’s a picture-centric social media (like Instagram), but with the emphasis on time limits (like Periscope).  However, the app used to be popular with mainly teens, so why the sudden popularity with adults (including entrepreneurs)?  Here are my thoughts on why Snapchat is so popular.*

Why Is Snapchat So Popular?

The main issue people have with social media currently is how ‘fake’ everything seems.  Whether it be people just posting happy posts on Facebook or photoshopped images on Instagram, people are getting tired of how ‘perfect’ everything is and are seeking authenticity.

Enter Snapchat.

Each social media has a different ‘culture’ surrounding it, such as professional (like on LinkedIn) or opinionated (like on Twitter).  Snapchat’s culture and atmosphere is a bit unique in being casual and fun.  The entrepreneurs, speakers and bloggers that I follow that are on Snapchat talk about how fun it is and how you have to have a fun attitude to truly get it.  People take pictures and then add goofy emojis or words on top.  Or it is behind the scenes (the ‘real’ view of business) that people share.  A lot of people have a lot of fun on Snapchat and that’s why I believe it has had such a surge in popularity now that key individuals have found it and are loving it.

People are craving an authentic not perfect view of life on social media.  People want to see the imperfections and hilarity of life, not the glossy photos straight off of Photoshop.  This is something that people have been slowly adjusting their view on and we see it with the changing atmosphere of social media in general.  People encourage using different social media accounts to show the ‘real you’, to give your customers and clients a behind the scenes look at who you are.  Snapchat does that well and it is kind of expected that you’ll be goofy and fun on there.  It has a special niche it carved out for itself years ago and people are finding it to be a breathe of fresh air.

And that’s something that I think we will see a lot more of as social media networks change and new ones emerge.  The authentic, fun, real feel is what people want.  Now to see how social media delivers.

*Full disclosure: I currently do not use Snapchat.  My opinions are based around what other entrepreneurs share about it and the different views I have read around.  I see a common theme with why people are using it and that’s what I want to share.

So why do you think Snapchat is so popular?  If you have used it, what has been your experience?

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