What is the Chalkboard Method and is it Right for You?

In recent months I have heard a lot of talk in a couple business groups that I am part of about the Chalkboard Method for manifesting clients.  I heard it talked about here and there and also saw people share their experiences about it(originally it was shared the Being Boss Podcast).  So I got to thinking about perhaps trying it out for myself and seeing what happens and share the concept with you!

What is the Chalkboard Method and is it Right for You?

What is the Chalkboard Method?

The Chalkboard Method follows the line of thinking ‘if you build it, they will come’.  The basic premise is to take a chalkboard (or something that can be written on/adjusted easily) and draw spaces for clients or sales.  If you are a blogger, it could mean getting 100 new email subscribers, or if you are a freelance writer you could put up a specific number of articles/publications to write for.  Whatever you want to gain, draw individual squares to represent each one (plus an extra one to break any mental boundaries you may have).  And, done!

A lot of people will report that they put up a certain number and within weeks or even days all of them were filled up and they were expanding their number of squares.  It kinda goes along with having a vision board (learn more about that here), where you are basically telling your mind ‘this is important, so let’s make this happen’ and then it gets hyper focused on that goal.  There is nothing hocus pocus about the idea, it’s purely a method for getting your brain to focus in on what needs to happen (get more clients, make more sales, write more articles, etc.).

Is it right for you?

Well, simply put, yes.  No matter what you do or what your goals are, the Chalkboard Method can be adjusted to help you out.  Whether your goal is to write a certain number of pages for a book, sew a certain number of pillows, make a certain number of phone calls: basically all that we do can be summed up in a number.  Then you can take that number and make a specific number of boxes to fit it.  And thus, you have something to focus on.  Plus, this idea does not cost you any money (you can use a sheet of paper if you don’t have an actual chalkboard) and it doesn’t hurt.  What do you have to lose?

What has been my experience with it?

Well, I am still not done with my experience (details have to be settled first).  However, this method did make a big change in my business.  One of my business goals involves having 100 active participants in a group that I work with.  That is a LOT compared to what I currently have.  But I decided it was the perfect goal to try this method on.  I decided to try the Chalkboard Method using post it notes(I like color) and I now 100 post it notes covering the wall in my office.  Talk about a visual aid.  It’s slightly terrifying to see all these notes, knowing that each one will eventually have a name on it.  At the end, I thought, ‘okay, now who are the 100 people going to be?’  Two days later (people say that when you try the method things can start happening withing 24-48 hours), I got a call asking me ‘hey, would you like this specific speaker to come visit your area?’  Basically the speaker is directly related to my business and draws a large crowd, which I then get to help afterwards if people have questions or want to continue to learn more.  This speaker is normally booked three years out and the only way I got to have the person come to my area was because they had a cancellation.

Of course, I said yes and it resulted in a crazy month of promotion, organization and getting things set up.  I have not been able to start filling the post it notes yet (remember, I said ‘active’ team members, and I have to see if certain people will fit that requirement), but it was a big boost to what I am doing.

Here’s what I shared on Instagram:

So yes, the Chalkboard Method has worked for me.  I’m thinking of trying it out with another aspect of my business and see how it goes.  Either way, it led to some big changes and things are definitely happening now after months of stagnation.

I hope that this method may prove to be useful for you as well, whether it be for clients, sales or personal goals.

Have you tried the Chalkboard Method?  I would love to hear your experiences!  Never heard of it?  Then let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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