Weekend Writing Prompt: Gift

Happy Weekend!  The word ‘gift’ can form many things in our minds: perhaps a gift we have received as a child, or a ‘gifting’ we were born with.  Can you think of a practical non-fiction article to write about gifts?  How about delving into the different ways people are gifted talent-wise?  What gift would your fictional character love to receive?  What is the worst gift someone could give your character?  How can a gift inspire a poem?  Explore the different ways you can incorporate this word into your writing, and feel free to share your discoveries in a comment below!

This week, our writing prompt word is: Gift

Weekend Writing Prompt: Gift

Picture Prompt:

Weekend Writing Prompt: Gift picture
“A gift! From me to you.”

Quote Prompt:

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”-Jim Valvano, coach.


Feel free to share your writing based on this prompt below!

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