Weekend Writing Prompt: Black

The color black is often used to symbolize negative things, including death and storms, as well as used to put off a negative feeling, like danger and evil.  It is also used to symbolize opposites, such as black and white, dark and light.  The word can mean a lot of different things to different people, but what does it mean to you?  What poems spring to mind, scenes with your characters or article points to highlight?  Use this color to build your writing work off of this weekend.

This week, our writing prompt word is: Black

Weekend Writing Prompt: Black

Picture Prompt:

Weekend Writing Prompt Black picture
“A black cat is not always a bad omen.”

Quote Prompt:

“Black and white are the colors of photography. To me they symbolize the alternatives of hope and despair to which mankind is forever subjected.”-Robert Frank, photographer.


What does this prompt bring to your mind?  I would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below!

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