Using Facebook Groups for Blog Post Ideas

There are a lot of places online where you can come up with blog post ideas.  Forums, social media feeds, even a quick search can turn up dozens of potential ideas to write about.  But what about answering the specific questions your ideal client is asking?  Where can you go to find out what your ideal client needs help with, where you can offer them solutions through a blog post and hopefully turn that potential client into an actual client?  A simple tool that has been gaining traction over the past couple years: Facebook groups.

Using Facebook Groups for Blog Post IdeasFacebook groups can be the perfect place to connect with not only your fellow business owners, but also clients in your niche.  I find them to be incredibly useful in various ways, but particularly for figuring out what my ideal clients are asking about, so I can tailor my blog posts to meet their needs.

Here’s how to get started using Facebook groups to come up with blog post ideas to fit your blog niche:

  1. The first step is to join some Facebook groups that fit your niche/where your ideal client would hang out.  You may already be in some business/blogging/entrepreneur groups, but if your ideal client is elsewhere, get to searching!  You may even use the groups you are already in to ask for suggestions as to where to look for good groups to join.
  2. Once you are in, start exploring the groups.  See what people are asking or sharing, and see what people are responding.  After a while you should be able to pick up on common themes regarding questions and common subjects that keep getting asked about.  Write those questions down and also what people recommend as answers.
  3. When you are working on blog posts, pull up your list of questions and start answering them!  You could tie in links to the resources that others have recommended or just keep it all on your post.  But whatever you choose to do, just focus on answering the question.
  4. Finished writing your post?  Great!  Now, you can of course start sharing it on social media, etc., as you would any other post.  You have now provided information specifically geared for your ideal client, so hopefully it will be found by them.  However, depending on the groups your niche falls into, certain groups have ‘share threads’ for sharing social media accounts or blog posts.  Take your post and share it on your social media, then use those links and share that article on all the threads you can (following the group’s rules for those share threads, of course).  That will provide the perfect opportunity to ‘legally’ share your post in a group (aimed at your ideal client), while also opening it up to social media sharing and interactions.
  5. A bonus option might be to use these questions to create an actual product to use for email optins or to sell.  Then share it like you did your blog post above.  People love products, so this might be the perfect jumping off point for creating your own!

And that is how I use Facebook groups for blog post ideas.  They are ever changing and they provide the perfect place to test things out, ask your own questions and learn from those ahead of you.  Plus, the connections you can make can be invaluable to you and for growing your business.

How do you use Facebook groups?  For connections, blog post ideas or something else?

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