How I Use YouTube for Blogging Inspiration: For Making Changes

Over the past few months I have been doing a bit of soul-searching about how I want to help people through my business and what new methods I can try for reaching people.  But the thought of changing what I am comfortably doing is a bit scary.  But one of my favorite YouTube accounts about social media/blogging/business,  Amy Schmittauer, has been tweaking how she does her account and her changes have inspired me to start looking at my blog in whole new way.  Here are some of the specific things that have been inspiring me:

How I Use YouTube for Blogging Inspiration: For Making Changes

1. Don’t be afraid to throw your original schedule out the window.  Amy used to do just three videos a week (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday).  However she began to start doing five videos a week and it was interesting to see her transition.  She actually did it quite suddenly at the beginning of the year by doing a whole lot of videos based around how to get started on different social media platforms.  By jumping from her original schedule to her new one with a collection of videos like she did helped make her transition smoother, while also (I believe) helping herself transition into thinking about five videos a week instead of just three.

My takeaway: I am looking at my current blogging schedule in a new light and am looking into switching out some posts and providing fresh content in new ways.  It’s time to spice things up!

2. Always make sure you are providing value.  Even though she has upped her video count each week, her videos still provide value.  Her videos are normally on the shorter (3 minutes or less) side and she keeps with that consistently even with her new posting days.  She now does more regular style ‘vlogs’ in addition to her regular instructional videos.

My takeaway: I want to change my posting schedule to provide even MORE value for my readers, instead of some of the ‘fluffy’ posts that really don’t have anything to do with what I want to help people with.  I also want to engage more with people and create better bonds with my readers.

3. She shares the behind the scenes of what she is doing.  She had a couple Periscope videos and a video with some other YouTube creators about why she was changing up her posting schedule.  I like how she shared her ‘why’ about her changes and I always like to get a peek into the reasons for why some business people do what they do.

My takeaway: Share more of the behind the scenes and help my readers learn from me by seeing why I am doing what I am doing.  I am always learning and tweaking how I work and I feel like I want to share more of the ‘inner thoughts and plans’ behind the changes I make.  Working online is a work-in-progress and I want to share my progress with my readers so they can learn from my mistakes and see if my changes could work for them as well.

So that is just one way I use YouTube for blogging inspiration, specifically in inspiring me to make the jump into changing what I post on here.  I would love to hear your thoughts and your own tips for making big changes to your blogging in a comment below!

Do you use YouTube for blogging inspiration?  What are some of your favorite accounts to watch?

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