Top 3 Websites for Social Media Help

With social media being an ever-changing entity, with new sites popping up all the time, and others fading away just as quickly, where can you go for up to date, helpful information?  Here are my three favorite resources for all things social media, from news to trends to helpful tips that I can apply today:

Top 3 Websites for Social Media Help

Social Media Examiner.  This website is well known for being the go-to place for news on social media tools, trends and advice for how to grow your business online.  They provide a ton of great content every day with a variety of different writers.  This is often the place I head to when I’m interested in a new social media site or when I want the latest news on changes going on with my favorite networks.  They are definitely a good place to start if you are new to social media or just want information on a specific one.

Jenn’s Trends.  This site is run by one woman, Jenn, who provides high quality posts on different social media networks, as well as blogging/content creation in general.  She is a fantastic example of someone be strategic in their business, having gone from just an idea to a popular speaker at social media events in just three years.  I always learn something new from her blog posts, even though I originally found her when she primarily focused on Instagram.  While she does not post every day, her posts are longer and she puts a lot of time into them, making for an interesting read every time.

Sue B Zimmerman.  This site is specifically for information on Instagram, and I read it a lot as it is currently one of my prime social media accounts that I am working to grow.  Sue B Zimmerman is known as The Instagram Expert, with a great strategy guide, Youtube videos, blog posts and, of course, lots of Instagram posts shared.  She is also super active across social media, so you can find her and learn something new every day no matter where you tend to hang out online.  Her Periscope account specifically is an incredible resource for live teaching almost every day, so if you have an account on there I would recommend checking her out.  Overall she is a great teacher and her tactics for using Instagram can be applied across the board to most social media accounts as well.

While I do find random places here and there for good bits of social media info, I always come back to these three regularly.  If you have your own favorite sites, I would love to hear about them in a comment below!

What are your favorite websites to go for information and advice about social media?

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