My Top 3 Facebook Pages for Business Success

We all have our favorite Facebook pages to visit each day or that make us happy to see in our news feed.  Today I want to share my top 3 Facebook pages for online success, so that your Facebook feed scrolling is not only beneficial for having fun, but also for your online business.

My Top 3 Facebook Pages for Business Success

1. Entrepreneur Magazine.  I love this magazine and find lots of great information and tips in each issue.  So naturally their Facebook page offers that and more.  So many great articles to read about business and all things related to being your own boss.  This is definitely a more general type of page, so whether you own a storefront or freelance from home, you will find a great selection of articles daily here.

2. Freelancers Union.  For a more niche page, this is for freelancers.  Whether you are a freelance writer, graphic designer or whatever you choose to do independently, this is the page for you.  Their whole focus is on encouraging freelancers and helping to spread the message about treating freelancers with respect and protecting your interests, especially in getting paid by clients.  They share a lot of helpful articles and work to connect freelancers across the country.  Good tips no matter what you choose to do as a freelancer.

3. The Muse.  For writers (whether as novelists, poets, bloggers or freelance writers), this is a great place for daily inspiration, writing advice and general writing fun.  I love the variety of things they share and I definitely get inspired reading their posts.  I also enjoy their fun posts that bring a more lighthearted view of writing.  If you are hitting writer’s block in your freelance writing or blogging, this page might provide exactly what you need.

My list of useful Facebook pages is always growing and changing, but for right now these are the ones that I enjoy seeing in my feed the most.  Hopefully these three Facebook pages will provide inspiration, advice and tips for you as a writer, freelancer or entrepreneur in general.

What are your favorite Facebook pages to follow?

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