To-Do List Too Long? Pick Just One Thing Today

Do you have a long, overwhelming to-do list?  No clue where to start or what to do next?  Wake up every morning with at least ten things that need done?  Well today we are going to get started on your to-do list.  Today we are going to practice self motivation and getting a kick in the pants to make things happen.

And it all starts by picking just one thing today.

To-Do List Too Long?  Pick Just One Thing TodayBy picking just one thing to work on today, you help to mentally set yourself up for success.  By limiting your brain’s ‘options’ to just one thing, it helps to give you clarity and set your mind on a steady focus.

Okay, so just pick one thing.  But how do you decide which thing to pick?  How do you determine the importance of something?  There are a couple different ways:

  • If you could only accomplish one thing today, which one would it be?  Whether it be an impending deadline or dinner made, if only one thing was accomplished, which one would it need to be?  That can make it pretty straightforward.
  • Which thing are you dreading the most?  A phone call?  An email?  Cleaning the fridge?  There is normally at least one thing on your to-do list that you are avoiding at all costs.  So, do that as your one thing for today.  The added bonus is that by getting rid of that thing that has been weighing down on you, you are clearing the ‘load off your back’ and you get to relax and move forward with a much clearer head.
  • Which thing sets up other items on your to-do list?  Do you have to make your weekly menu before you can make your grocery list and then go grocery shopping?  Do you have to make up questions before you can make a phone call to interview someone?  Then obviously do that thing first.

So you have your one thing picked out.  Now do it!  Done?  Great!  Now you can move on.  If you still have time, then pick the next ‘one thing’ on your to-do list and accomplish it.  Work your way through what you have to do, focusing on the key ‘one things’, and you will have time to do the things you ‘want to-do’ not just ‘have to-do’.

What is your one thing for today?

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