The 25 Minutes A Day Challenge

How do you get your goals accomplished and your projects finished when you have limited time on your hands?  To-do lists, calendars and whatnot can help, but they can’t really fix the issue if time seems to get away from you.  That’s where the 25 Minutes A Day Challenge comes in.

Currently, I am working on a blog-related project that probably should be taking up my full amount of time and focus.  However, there is the matter of blogging, writing, freelance work and housework that I also have to deal with each day.  So how do I make sure that I make the appropriate time for each of my projects each day?  I just work on the project for 25 minutes a day.

The 25 Minutes A Day ChallengeIt’s a simple challenge:

Take a timer, set it for 25 minutes, sit down and get to work.  Once that timer goes off, you’re done.  No more working on your project.  You can get back to taking care of freelance work, blogging, writing or housework.  Whatever needs done next, move on.  But know that you just did 25 minutes of work on your project, bringing you 25 minutes closer to completion and success.

Just 25 minutes a day can make all the difference.

Part of the challenge is to commit to doing 25 minutes a day of work for one week, just to see how things go.  If you find that the challenge does not work for you, then you can stop and reanalyze the situation once the week is up.  But if it starts to stick, then you have the forming of a life long work habit that will pay off in the long run.

This system can also be used elsewhere in your life: for cleaning your kitchen, sorting emails or even finding time to read a book.  If small pockets of time throughout the day work best for you, don’t be afraid to break your working or relaxation time into 25 minute blocks and see how much you can get done.

You can also use the challenge to take 25 minutes to partake in self-care: reading a book, playing video games or even meditation.  We often fill our days with work, work and more work, without realizing that sometimes we have to schedule in time for ourselves.  So this challenge might be just what you need to get in the habit of taking time to relax, refresh and enjoy some ‘me time’.

Simple as that.

The 25 minutes a day challenge is a great place to start to accomplish your goals a little bit at a time.  I would love to hear how you use it with your goal setting and project success!

What simple systems do you use to complete projects?

The 25 Minutes A Day Challenge_

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