Weekend Writing Prompt: Black

Weekend Writing Prompt: Black

The color black is often used to symbolize negative things, including death and storms, as well as used to put off a negative feeling, like danger and evil.  It is also used to symbolize opposites, such as black and white, dark and light.  The word can mean a lot of different things to different people, […]

Quote of the Week-“Talent is helpful in…”

jessamyn west talent quote

Many people believe that talent is critical for anything you do, especially in writing.  But sometimes the most talented people are afraid to fly and possibly fail, while people who have no idea what they are doing jump in with both feet hoping to land somewhere.  The combination of talent and guts in writing was […]

Quote of the Week-“Tell the negative…”

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When we begin our writing journey, we worry about any possible critics around us externally: our family, friends, publishers, editors, and basically the entire world.  But while we cannot control what other people think or say, we often forget that we can control the biggest critic of them all, the one that Ann Bradford addresses […]