Social Media Help: The 6-Week Challenge

There is a lot of information about social media networks, with lots of tips, tricks and advice for how to use them and promote your brand on them.  However, this can be a bit overwhelming and oftentimes we just end up trying all sorts of different things, changing our strategies on a constant basis. This leads to confusion about what works and what does not work for our brands and can lead to a standstill in working online.

Social Media Help: The 6-Week Challenge

But no more!  I want to challenge you all to quit the jumping around trying different methods of using social media.  So today, we start a challenge: Try a new system of using a social media network for six weeks.

Why six weeks?  For certain social media networks, it takes about six weeks to show how a consistent schedule is working and for various algorithms to take affect (I’m looking at you Facebook).  Plus:

  • If you end up feeling like you are unable to keep up a certain system for six weeks, then you will know for sure that you need to change something.
  • If a certain method does work out, six weeks should provide ample time to establish that method as a habit for your daily online work.
  • On the flipside, if after doing something steadily for six weeks, you don’t see any kind of growth or improvement, then you’ll know for sure that you need to try something different.
  • If you can try out various methods for posting online and make notes and find that some things work and others do not, you know that in six weeks you can adjust your plan.
  • You may even find that certain social networks do not work well with your brand and after six weeks you can cut them from your overall social media strategy and focus only on what actually works.

So for just six weeks try out that social media method you have been reading about, or jump into a new social network and play around with it.  Just give it a try and see what six weeks will do for you!

How long do you try out a new social media strategies?  Do you think this 6-week challenge will work for you?

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