Quote of the Week-“Write every day even…”

Everyone says again and again that writers should write every day.  This is true.  Even if you can only spend five minutes scribbling out some notes on a scrap piece of paper, it is still better then not writing at all.  That’s why I appreciate author Michael Connelly reiterating this point:

"Write every day even if it is just a paragraph."-Michael Connelly
“Write every day even if it is just a paragraph.”-Michael Connelly

Normally I work on some sort of freelance writing or blogging work each day, but I also always keep a pad of paper close by when moments of inspiration hit.  On days when inspiration seems far away, that’s when even just typing out a random paragraph helps me to keep in tune with my love of writing.  So if you are just starting out pursuing your love of writing, keep this in mind.  Even just a paragraph each day can add up to something fantastic and will help you grow as a writer bit by bit.

Do you write a paragraph every day?  What do you think of his advice?

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