The Pink Bookworm Reads: Likable Social Media

So I shall start with a confession: I have not finished reading this book.  I know, I know what you are thinking, “Then why are you doing a review on it?”  Because even just a few chapters in I already feel like I have a million and one ideas and that this book will change how I work on social media from now on.

The Pink Bookworm Reads: Likable Social Media(Note: The links in this post are affiliate links. Read our full disclaimer here.)

The book Likeable Social Media promotes, “How to delight your customers, create an irresistible brand, and be amazing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest , and more.”  Quite a hefty guarantee, but one that I hear is quite accurate.

So far in my reading the part that has stood out to me the most is on listening.  Just listen to your customers and what they are saying.  Seems pretty basic right?  Yes, it definitely is.  But sometimes we have to get back to basics with our businesses and our writing in order to grow.

This quote really summed it up for me:

“The loudest, biggest spenders don’t win anymore.  The smartest, most flexible listeners do.”

Social media has changed everything.  You can build a brand, create a following and grow your audience base without having to spend a dollar for TV advertising or having to have your product in local stores.  It has been incredible to watch this shift in advertising and branding over the past few years and see which brands flourish and which ones fall.

So right now, I am working on listening.  I am working on tapping into conversations to see what my readers are saying about my brand and my blog.  I am reading what others write about my writing and learning from them.

The book lists different ways to find the conversations our customers and readers are having online, so I’ll be spending time looking into each technique in the coming weeks.

Because that is what makes social media so likable: the ability to listen and talk together with ease.

I look forward to posting more of my thoughts on this book, but so far I am already learning quite a bit.

Have you read Likeable Social Media?  What are your thoughts about it?


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