Never Underestimate the Power of a Vision Board

I recently had a minor crisis.  I had a sudden bill come up and I was short a couple hundred dollars in my checking account to pay for it.  Needless to say panic set in.  But I decided to use the opportunity to put my vision board/manifesting/whatever-you-want-to-call-it into practice, front and center in my life.

Never Underestimate the Power of a Vision Board

So I pulled out a piece of paper, wrote the exact dollar amount I needed and stuck it in the middle of my bedroom mirror.  I spent about two days focusing in on it throughout the day, making sure my subconscious knew ‘This is important!’  I also began to try to figure out ways to make some extra cash (I had about a week before the bill would be pulled out).  I knew that one of my clients had a invoice due that week, so I was just hoping to get that check into my account in time.  However, there was still over half the amount of my bill that still needed to come from somewhere.

I thought about calling up a client and seeing if I could get paid ahead of time for future work (but realized that they kept a tight schedule and budget, so that kind of wiggle room was probably unlikely, but a possible plan B if I could not come up with something else).

My other clients had pay schedules out of my control, so I got paid on THEIR timetable, so no early cash there.

I thought briefly about asking one client if I could get paid early for a piece I had already sent in, but normally they pay on publication, not before, so I pushed them off to the side.  However, after my vision board focusing started, I had someone suggest that ‘hey, why don’t you just ask them for early pay?  You already sent in your work, so why not just ask to be sure?’  I reluctantly agreed and sent in an invoice.  Incidentally, the amount they owed was the EXACT amount I needed for the remaining amount for my bill.

Imagine my surprise when they actually agreed to pay early!  So that week I received both necessary checks in the EXACT amount I needed (not a penny more or less).  The deposit was made and that bill was paid.

What did I learn through all this?  That when we focus in, our brains start figuring things out.  Even if we brush aside a suggestion, outside forces will also help to contribute to our success (in my case, the person mentioning that client).

This was the fastest success I have ever had with a vision board, showing me that when I need something in the future, to my mirror it will go.

Any recent successes with your vision board to share?

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