Need Help Scheduling Article Interviews? Use This Phrase

As a freelance writer, one struggle you will come across is setting up appointments for interviews with people for articles.  It seems like everyone’s schedule is crazy and random nowadays, which often leads to a lot of back and forth with setting appointments.  I often came across that and would spend wasted time trying to set things up with people, when the person I had to interview’s schedule was the one that was actually busy, while mine was less so.  If as a freelance writer you have a bit of an easier schedule to work with than most people, then here is a phrase that may prove to be useful in setting the tone for scheduling appointments:

“My schedule is fairly flexible.”

Need Help Scheduling Article Interviews?  Use This PhraseSee what it covers:

  1. It shows that my schedule is open to what they need, for the most part.  It shows that I can fit into their schedule easier than most people.
  2. It also blocks it off from being taken advantage of by adding ‘fairly’.  “My schedule is not completely open, I do have boundaries, but if you are the one with a million appointments every day, then I can work around that better than most.”
  3. It says what I need to say in a nice and polite way.  Some people can be harsh or too loose with their scheduling, so this helps to set up a boundary of sorts.
  4. If there is a scheduling conflict, the ‘fairly flexible’ part does show that I do have a schedule of my own, and, yes, sometimes it will conflict with other people.  Especially since I don’t want to say ‘yes, my schedule is open!’ and then have to add ‘except for that day, sorry.’  That just adds more to the back and forth with scheduling.
  5. I can easily add specific blocks of time that are unavailable.  For example, ‘My schedule is fairly flexible, except for Tuesday and Friday.’  That helps the other person know that while certain days are unavailable, the other days of the week are still easy to work around.

I love how this phrase is simple, yet straightforward.  It has made scheduling easier and helps cut back on the emails or phone calls when setting up an interview.  Hopefully it will prove to be a helpful tool for you in your freelance writing adventures!

How do you deal with scheduling article interviews?  Any key phrases of your own to share?

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