My Top 5 Favorite Facebook Groups (plus a writing bonus!)

Earlier this week I shared how to use Facebook groups to get blog post ideas.  To help you get started (and also just to provide good resources for writers/freelancers/entrepreneurs in general), here are my top 5 favorite Facebook groups (plus a bonus group for writers specifically!).  I visit these groups almost every day and try to interact as much as I can.  So whether you are looking to start your own business, be your own boss, become empowered, uncork your dork in the business realm, or be careful with your cents, here are some great Facebook groups to check out:

My Top 5 Favorite Facebook Groups (plus a writing bonus!)

  1. Screw the Nine to Five Community.  This group is just fantastic.  The atmosphere of this group is energizing, fun and just a little crazy.  If you are looking to ‘screw’ your current job, whether to start your own business or find a job that actually fulfills you, this is the group for you.  Plus, the information that the owners of the group share about using Facebook in different ways is amazing.
  2. Being Boss.  A group of people, based around two lovely ladies who rock a podcast called Being Boss, that look to encourage, uplift and provide helpful tips no matter where you are on the journey to being your own boss.  I have found amazing advice here and even ended up creating blog posts based around the information they shared that inspired my own business.
  3. Empowered Entrepreneur.  The name says empowered and that is exactly what the group does.  It empowers, inspires and encourages people in all sorts of businesses as they grow, change and learn.  I love how motivational and inspirational this group is, plus the owner is fantastic and knows exactly what to say to kindly give people the kick in the pants they need to move forward.
  4. Uncork Your Dork.  First off, I love the name of this group.  Second off, I love the leader.  She rocks and is building a fun, crazy, kick butt kind of atmosphere with her group.  Plus, she shares terrific tips for getting traffic to your blog, so even just that is worth joining the group so you can learn from her.
  5. The Careful Cents Club.  This group deals with a lot of the practical aspects of owning your own business, especially the financial aspects.  Anyone who is looking to be a freelancer knows that the financial part (taxes, budgeting, etc.) can be overwhelming.  Thankfully this group provides people with information and resources to get started in the right direction (note: you have to be part of the Careful Cents Club email list to join this group, which also has fantastic information shared each week).

Bonus group for writers!  My 500 Words.  This group is mainly for the challenge of writing 500 words every day.  All sorts of people, from bloggers to poets to fiction and nonfiction writers, participate and it can be quite fun to read what others have written.  It also provides the inspiration to actually sit down and write 500 words each day, the backbone of any writer’s life.

I know that there are probably dozens of other fantastic groups, but until I find them, these five hold a special place in my Facebook group heart.  If you have any great groups to share, leave a comment!  I would love to check them out.

What are your favorite Facebook groups?  Which ones do you visit every day?

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  1. says

    Thank you so much for including us in the list! So thrilled to hear you’re digging the group :)

    • The Pink Bookworm says

      Definitely! Your group rocks and I have learned a lot in the short time that I have been there :) Thank you for commenting!

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