My Goals for this Week

As I work to grow as a writer with my personal writing, freelance writing and blog writing, I want to keep my goals are the forefront of my mind.  Every week I will share with you my goals and update you on how I did last week.  I hope that my goals will help inspire your own goals or provide accountability as you go on your own writing adventures.

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An update on the previous installment:

1. Publish five posts.-I published three

What I learned: Still having issues with getting posts done.

2. Grow at least one of my social media accounts by 10 followers (small, but attainable).-Done!

What I learned: Diligent effort works!

3. Finish rough draft of blog-related project (time to get it done!).-Done!

What I learned: Following the 25 Minutes A Day Challenge works perfectly for me!

4. Continue reading blog book.-Not done.

What I learned: Reading took a backseat this week.

5. Go through blog posts and find ways to incorporate relevant affiliate links.-Not done.

What I learned: Connects with my difficulty this week in getting new content out, much less updating old content.

My Goals for this Week:

I’m taking this week off in order to try a change of pace.  I’m not going to work on publishing new content or updating old content.  I’m just going to focus on my brand and business goals.  I have spent the past couple days figuring out my business niche and now I want to finalize some details and start anew next week (which will actually be the 50th week of doing this weekly series!  I could not have picked a better time if I had tried).  So no specific goals this week, I’m just focusing on regular social media work (promoting old content), and figuring out the future of my business.

I will let you know next week how I did, and what I will be working on next week.

P.S. Happy first day of Summer!  A seasonal change is the perfect time to reassess our goals and where we want to be come the next season.

What are your goals for this week?  How did you do on last week’s goals?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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