My Favorite Article of the Week: Screw Finding Your Passion

You know when you read a post by someone that hits so close to home that you just have to share it with everyone you know?  Well today I read a post that I just have to share with everyone, starting with my fantastic readers!

My Favorite Article of the Week: Screw Finding Your Passion

Mark Manson (of shared an amazing, straight and to the heart of the matter article called Screw Finding Your Passion.

The article speaks to me because it makes things simple: you already know what you are passionate about, no need to ‘find’ it.

What do you do in your spare time?  What gets you excited?

Cooking?  Comic books?  Cats?  Computers?  Whatever your passion, you can take it and make a business/life around it.  You can even just find a decent regular job and pursue your passion during your off time, if that is what truly makes you happy.

For me, writing has always been my passion.  Before I could even write out letters, I drew pictures to tell stories.  Once I had a grasp on words, then I would spend hours writing stories.  Eventually, I started writing online, making an income from my love of writing.  Today, from freelance writing to my free time fun writing, a day does not go by without me writing something.  And that is why, no matter what I end up doing in my life, writing will always be part of it.

This article put things into the right perspective and I really wanted to share it.  I hope you find some sort of inspiration in it and that it helps you in ‘finding your passion’

What are YOU passionate about?

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