My Commitment To Positive Thinking

I was recently inspired by Crystal Paine over at  She posted a commitment that really stood out to me as something I wanted to do for myself: “I will only speak positive words about everyone.  I refuse to say negative words about anyone to anyone.”  For the past couple of days, I’ve been more conscious of it and wow, has it changed my perspective.

My Commitment to Positive Thinking imageMy commitment to positive thinking has changed my whole outlook on my thoughts and conversations.

Now, of course we can’t do this 100% of the time, but how often do I think negatively about people or situations in my life?  How often do I dwell on the bad things of life, instead of the great, big, positive things of life?  How often do my conversations with others focus on negativity?  How much of my time is spent rehashing the old and the bad ‘stuff’ each day?  That is the kind of negativity I am trying to cut out of my life with other people, but how much do I need to cut out within myself?

I think it can be surprising to people (or maybe not so surprising) how many negative thoughts or conversations we have.  It surprised me mostly because when we actually pay attention, things that we think or speak that we may think are just harmless gossip or jokes, are actually just keeping the negative train going.  Talking about that person who just won’t get a job or thinking about that person who annoyed us last week just keeps us focused on all the wrong things all the time.  Instead, what if we focused on the friend with the new baby or the kind person who held the door open for us?  What if we thought more about the blue skies than the dark storm clouds of life?  So many questions, some of them harder than they look, that have been running through my mind these past few days.

Now, we can’t completely cut out the negativity in life.  Sure, bad things happen and we have to discuss them or think about them.  But when we pay attention to our thoughts and words spoken aloud, I think we can all make small changes to keep our eyes and minds trained on the positive in life.  Because if we were all a little more positive, who knows what kind of changes we can make in the world!

How do you focus on positive thinking in your life?

My Commitment to Positive Thinking


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