Why Dancing is Perfect for Writers

Whether you go with blues, ballet, ballroom or jazz, dancing provides a unique way for writers to become better writers. From better detail descriptions to joining a supportive community, to just getting out and getting active, dancing provides a unique opportunity to have fun and enhance your writing abilities.

How dancing helps writers better writers(Note: The product links in this post are affiliate links. Read our full disclaimer here.)

But how exactly does dancing make writers better writers?

There are a couple different ways that spark some good doses of inspiration for any creative mind to enjoy:

Dancing helps writers to…

  • Enjoy music more.  When dancing, you really have to pay attention to the beats so you can pick up the rhythm easier.  I find that when I’m listening to music now, I’m paying attention to all the bits and pieces of the music and how I would dance to it.  That adds a whole new layer to the enjoyment of listening to music, as well as new ways to describe music and sound in my writing.
  • Appreciate details related to people.  Partner dancing especially is all about the energy and touch between two people.  So I’ve been picking up on new details that I can incorporate into stories.  Whether it’s being able to better describe how it feels to touch someone new or how the energy between two people can differ greatly, I have a whole new list of things to incorporate into my writing.  To help you really see how writing and dancing connect, check out Writing the Dance: Workbook & Journal for Dancers and Writing About Dance
  • It’s yet another form of creativity to have fun with as a writer.  Remember when I shared how coloring books and other forms of creativity can help your writing? Well, dancing fits perfectly right along with everything else I mentioned.
  • The community that surrounds dancing, whether in partner dancing or other forms, can be fantastic.  Writing can be known as a lonely profession, so dancing provides the perfect opportunity to get out, meet new people and have fun doing it.  No need to go up to random strangers and try to talk.  A dance class provides the perfect environment to strike up conversation and get to know people.

So far in my journey in dancing, I have greatly enjoyed all the different aspects to it.  It has been something that I look forward to each week and the community that I am intertwining with has been amazing and supportive.  It is definitely something I’m glad I decided to try out.

What kind of dancing have I been learning?

Specifically, I have been taking a Swing & Blues Dancing Class.  I’ve greatly enjoyed both forms of dancing, and I especially love combining them to create new moves and different rhythms. Want to see what I’ve been learning?  Here is an introduction to Blues Dancing:

And Swing Dancing:

Interested in finding a dance class of some sort in your area?  A good place to start would be community message boards online or bulletin boards in your town.  Local newspapers and magazines usually list classes like this as community events.  There are also online sites where you can start searching for classes, such as TakeLessons.com, FindADanceStudio.com and DanceClassFinder.com.  With a little digging you may find the perfect dance class to try out for yourself.

I hope that I have sparked a new thought for you in terms of trying out dancing and seeing if this form of creativity might be the perfect experience for you.  Not only does this help us learn new things to write about, as well as helping keep us active, but the people can be amazing and fun.  I encourage you to step out and ‘step up’ to see if dancing is right for you!

How Dancing Makes Writers Better Writers_

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