How Coloring Books (& Other Forms of Creativity) Can Help Your Writing

As a writer, it’s good to have a ‘secondary art’ in life.  Whether it be painting, drawing, photography, knitting, crocheting, sewing, woodworking, carving, sculpting, and yes, even coloring books.  Even drawing on coffee cups works.  Whatever additional form of a creative outlet you can include in your life is a fantastic way to help you not only have more fun, but also get your creative writing juices flowing as well.

How Coloring Books (& Other Forms of Creativity) Can Help Your WritingFor me, coloring books, crocheting and photography help me stretch my creative muscles.  Writing is basically all mental energy, with the most physical process being typing or scrawling with a pen.  By doing the others, I am creating something with more physical movements, whether it be walking around looking for photography inspiration or crocheting something for a bit, it helps me create something in a whole different way.

If you want to expand your creative skills, check out books at your local library or look on Pinterest for inspiration.  Try out a couple different things and see what seems to stick.  You might find that you like working with your hands, so carving or knitting might work.  Maybe you like to create visual items, so photography or sketching might be a good addition for you.  If you like to create on your computer, graphic design or animation might be something to look into.  If sound is something that strikes your fancy, try out different instruments (borrowing instruments if possible to save some cash as you experiment) or play with sound recording software to make tunes on your laptop.

There are so many different ways to create things outside of writing, so enjoy trying new things and seeing where else your creativity can shine!  And, don’t forget, they might provide the perfect material to write about ;)

Besides writing, how else do you express your creativity?

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