Freelance Writing Adventures: Why I Don’t Write History Articles Anymore

When writing for general publications, you may find that you will work on different types of articles: health, history, human interest, etc.  Most of the publications I write for cover a wide variety of topics, so I can write about any number of things in a given month.  However, I have learned that sometimes a particular article for a particular publication is not something I can ever do again.

Freelance Writing Adventures: Why I Don't Write History Articles AnymoreBasically I cannot write history articles for one publication I write for.  The other publications?  Sure, I can whip up a fun interview with local historians, do some research and produce a good article that my editors appreciate.  But this one publication?  Nope.  Every.  Single.  Time I write a history article of any sort, the assignment gets unnecessarily complicated and I end up looking at it in the publication thinking, ‘never again.’

Whether it be too much information to condense down into a readable article, too little information and so I had to add fluff, or the people I was supposed to talk with were difficult to work with, at no point did things go well.  And so, after all the history articles proving to be difficult, I finally just made a decision: no more history articles for this publication.  I even told my editor that, which they were cool with and understood.  Not that my income has been cut because of it.  There are more than enough articles to write for them, so cutting history articles just allowed me opportunities to work on the other types.

So, how does that connect with you?  If you have found that certain articles prove to be a bigger hassle than what you want, whether it be like me history articles for a specific publication or it could be things like recipe articles in general, just allow yourself to say ‘no’ to those types or don’t volunteer for them.  No writer can write everything, we do have our weak spots.  Recognizing those weak spots can lead to a more peaceful mind and assignments that show your strengths in a better manner.

Do you find that specific articles always seem to give you a headache?  Any tips to share with identifying your weak points and strengths as a freelance writer?

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