Five Elements of a Great Morning Routine

A great day starts with a great morning routine.  But if you are still trying to get a routine established or have no idea where to begin, here are five elements of a great morning routine to get you going and growing all day long.

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Keep in mind that you do not need to implement all of these elements at once!  Pick one, try it out for a couple days, then either adjust or add one other element.  Then keep going, experimenting with adding or subtracting any of these or others that you pick up along the day.  If you are consistent in whatever you do, you will find a morning routine that sets you up for a great day.  Everyone is different, so have fun finding what works best for YOU!

Five Elements of a Great Morning Routine:

1. Silence

A key point for a morning routine is to take a few seconds or a few minutes and just sit in silence.  While there may be noises around you, taking a moment to just breathe and sit can make all the difference for your peace of mind the rest of the day.  Plus, this is an easy habit to implement into your routine or begin your routine with if you are just starting out!

If you find you struggle with sitting in silence, start small.  Some people meditate with a mantra or they pray (this is up to you), while others just focus on their heartbeat to give their minds something to do.  Again, just a few seconds to a minute can help you center yourself and calm your mind before you face the day.

2. Goals

I like to look at my goals every morning.  Personally, I use a vision board and find it to be a fantastic tool not only for reviewing goals, but also to help get in the right mindset to make them a reality.

You can easily get started by just having your goals written down on a piece of paper and reading them.  Simple enough and it does not take too much time.  If you want to look at doing a vision board, learn what a vision board is and get you started on creating your own today.

3. Affirmations

Affirmations, or positive statements, are great to incorporate into anyone’s morning routine.  It helps boost positive thinking, keeping good thoughts more at the top of your mind, as well as helping the subconscious make choices to help you grow in various areas of your life.

Affirmations can mean different things for different people and can be used in a variety of ways: to spread positive messages around your house, to help implement better habits or to help you get in the right mindset to start your day.  If you are not sure where to begin, check out this list of positive affirmations to get started!

4. Reading

Another good element is to add in a bit of reading (perfect for any writer, right?).  If you have a spiritual practice, reading of a religious text or a book by a spiritual leader can be a good bit to add to your morning routine.  Even just a book with short chapters that you can easily read in a minute or two work well (poetry is a good example).  Whatever works for you.  The possibilities are endless.

You can also use this part of your morning routine to fit in your reading time each day, if your schedule is full the rest of the day.  Or if you are reading a ‘heavy’ book or a how-to book that you want to mull over the rest of the day, this is the perfect spot to stick it in.

5. Planning

The purpose of a great morning routine is to set you up for a great day, so an important element is to review your planner or list of to-do’s for the day.  When our schedules are busy or we have many people demanding our attention, we can forget to review our list and get pulled into other tasks.  By taking a minute or two to sit down and check your planner or list, it sets you up for success from the start of your day.

This element also helps get your mind wrapped around what you need to do.  We can forget things that we want or need to do once we get involved with the day, so this puts those to-do’s at the top of our mind and helps to increase the likelihood that we will actually get them accomplished.  But if your to-do list feels overwhelming, here’s some help for getting focused and getting clear on what you want to get done.

Any one of these five elements for a great morning routine can be incorporated into your morning starting today (or tomorrow morning).  Taking a moment of silence, reviewing your goals, saying affirmations, doing a bit of reading or checking your to-do list can all help you get your day started on the right note, no matter which element you start with or how many you do.

Here’s to a great morning!


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Five Elements of a Great Morning Routine

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