Dear Blank Page

Not knowing what to write can be the hardest thing for a writer.  You stare at a blank page, reflecting a million thoughts but nothing comes through your fingers to the keys.  You wait and wait and wait some more, hoping that something will come.  But nothing ever does (or at least, it takes a along time coming).  So we end up feeling useless, depressed and almost lazy, as we try to make a living off our written words and try to put our inspiration to some sort of good use.

Dear Blank PageAnd, so, I write this letter:

Dear Blank Page,

Go to heck.  Take your vast white space to the far corners of the Earth and don’t come back until you have something worth writing about.  Don’t stare at me on your way out and, instead, leave me in the dust so I can finally get some work done.

I don’t need your vast emptiness, seeming to smirk at me, while I try to write the million articles, blog posts and stories that I want to create.  Leave me to my own devices and just get out of the way.  My fingers need to be free to type what my heart desires most: that stupid article with the stupid deadline that looms ahead.

I’ve known you too long and you visit far too often for me to ever feel like I get enough work done during the day.  You stop by, take your time, take up space, and then expect me to cater to your every whim, hoping for a drop of inspiration.

Today, I’ve had enough.  To watch you any longer is unbearable.  To put up with you any more is impossible.  To keep my work at bay and my keys idle is not how I want to live my life.

So, I have to say, screw you blank page.  Because of you I have to try out random nonsense like this, that leaves me feeling free and relieved of the burden of the stress of being a writer.  Yet it also seems to add a bit of humor to my writing repertoire.


Perhaps I need to thank you, dear blank page, for giving me the kick in the pants to try something new, make something new and write something new.


The Writer

P.S. You can still go away for now, I have a lot of work to do.  And don’t write back unless you have something to say.


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