How To Come Up With Blog Content Using Daily Themes

With blog writing, one of the biggest issues is coming up with blog post ideas.  Whether it be having too many ideas that you can’t choose just one or not having enough to fill up your editorial calendar, we often have issues finding an idea to write about.  But what if you knew the ‘theme’ of what you would be writing about each day you post content?  What if you had something to use as a jumping off point for all your blog post ideas?  That’s where using daily themes comes in.

How To Come Up With Blog Content Using Daily Themes

The basic premise is to create ‘themes’ for each day of your blog posting schedule.  It does not matter if you post seven days a week, three days a week or just one day a week.  Itt helps with getting inspiration because you already know the approximate topic/theme of what you are writing about, you just have to finalize details.  It also helps keep your ideas in a straight line instead of jumping around among many different thoughts.

Here’s how to come up with your daily themes:

  1. You need to decide on your blog posting schedule.  Whether you write five days a week, two days a week or only once a week, figure out how often you want to post.  Right now my current posting schedule is six days a week.
  2. Look at the topics you write about: Do you write about financial advice?  Food recipes?  Fun activities for kids?  Decide on your overarching topic for your blog.  Right now my blog focuses on The Freelance Life.
  3. Now take that main topic and break it down into subtopics that you want to write about.  I broke my subtopics down into freelance writing, blog writing, book/novel writing, inspiration and social media.
  4. Now that you have your posting schedule and your list of topics to write about, figure out how to  make them match up.  Assign a subtopic to each day.  My current assignment is weekly goals on Sunday, Quote of the Week on Monday, freelance writing on Tuesday, blog writing/book writing on Wednesday, social media on Thursday and Weekend Writing Prompt on Friday.

And there you have it!  You have your editorial calendar scheduled out and you have your themes chosen. So now when you need to come up with a post, you have your parameters to stick with.  Using daily themes is incredibly helpful for keeping your ideas organized and keeping you from lacking inspiration.

Do you write posts based on a daily theme?  What is your best method for coming up with blog post ideas?  I would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below!

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