5 Ways to Impress Your Editor

When you start working at a new publication, especially with assignment work, you want to get on the good side of the editor.  A good relationship with an editor can lead to a good working relationship and future writing assignments.  If you are just getting started and are not sure how to impress your editor, here are five ways to get on your editor’s good side:

5 Ways to Impress Your Editor

  1. Send your work in on time.  This is a key way to get on the good side of your editor.  Honestly, having seen the back end working process of publications, one of the biggest issues editors face is getting articles in on time.  So if you want to give a good impression, stick with that deadline (and even send it in earlier if possible).  But if something does go wrong, like the person you have to interview is gone or unavailable, then contact your editor and explain.  Editors understand that things don’t always work out, so do the best you can and make sure to let your editor know if something happens.
  2. Be willing to take on extra work.  This can be especially beneficial in the beginning of working with a new editor, for both extra work(income) and a reputation boost.  If your schedule can accommodate taking on extra assignments, it can make you stand out to your editor and they may send extra work your way in the future.
  3. Be courteous in dealing with the people you interview and work with on an article.  There are some pain in the you-know-what people out there, but never return rude behavior with rude behavior.  You need to understand that if you gave a bad impression, people are more likely to go to the ‘people at the top'(which is often your editor) and complain about your behavior.   This will not help you out, so watch your tongue and be as courteous as you can.  Also remember that you are representing the publication you are writing for.  The person you talk with may never experience anyone else from that publication except you, so good or bad they’ll attribute your attitude to the entire publication.
  4. Don’t bad mouth other writers, editors, etc.  This actually says a lot about a person’s character when we rant and bad mouth other people we have worked with.  It makes you look like a jerk and it can also make the editor think ‘what do they say about me behind my back?’  It will give you a negative reputation, so hold your tongue when working with your editor.
  5. Just be professional overall.  In everything you do when you work with your editor, be professional.  Keep your language professional and polite, follow the guidelines for articles and don’t be afraid to ask questions if you need clarification on something.  Some people have a flippant attitude when doing freelance writing work, so be aware of how you deal with your editor and leave a good impression in their mind even after the final draft is sent in.

So if you want to get on the good side of the editor at any new publications you are working with, keep these things in mind, especially in the beginning.  Yes, some editors are difficult to work with no matter how hard you try and may not send you more work.  But the good editors will notice and keeping these things in mind may literally pay off in the end.

How do you impress your editor?  Any tips for new freelancers?  I would love to hear your thoughts in a comment below!

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