5 Ways to Experiment with Your Social Media

Having all the different social media networks available to us, you would think that we would have lots of opportunities to try new things online.  However sometimes it is easy to just find a basic style or system for doing things and never go outside our comfort zone.  While doing what works is a good thing, sometimes we just need to change things up to not only break the monotony of social media, but also make it fun!  Here are five ways to experiment with your social media:

5 Ways to Experiment with Your Social Media

1. Write different kinds of posts. While images are good across many social media platforms, sometimes switching up what we do can be fun.  If you normally do text, try a video.  If you normally do video, share a link.  If you normally post articles, try a cartoon.  This can expand how you think about what you post online and maybe even inspire you to create some new things of your own.

2. Try posting at different times.  Timing can be an important factor for your social media.  Some networks are busier in the morning, some in the afternoon and some don’t start getting active until after dinner.  If you normally post in the mornings, try putting up a post in the evening.  If you schedule things, try scheduling something to go out in the middle of the night when you are asleep.  Maybe you’ll attract people on the other side of the world to check out your account.

3. Give a shout out to others.  If you are tired of just sharing your posts or specific posts from other accounts, then take a moment and give a shout out to another social media account you love.  A quick post sharing a link to it and even explaining what you have learned from following that account can be a quick, yet fun way to shake things up.  Be sure to tag the person you are highlighting!

4. Reach out and see if you can form a ‘social media tribe.’  This might be a bigger way to experiment (with potential for a long term commitment), but this can also be one of the greatest ways to grow your social media accounts.  Wherever you hang out, in groups online or even in person, reach out to a couple people (or post something in the group where everyone can see it) and see if anyone would be interested in forming a social media tribe.  Then you can share each other’s social media posts, engage on them, etc.  Being in a similar niche is key, but sometimes branching out and forming a group just to brainstorm and discuss social media is helpful too.  You can set up a timeframe for a testing period and then see what happens.  But it just might change your whole social media strategy.

5. Try different social media networks.  While I don’t recommend that you be super active on every single social media network out there (unless you hired some people to do that, but on your own it s a difficult task).  However, if you have been sticking with the social media networks that you are most comfortable with, step out and try a new one.  Maybe Twitter has been your favorite hangout, so how about trying Periscope?  If Facebook is where you normally interact, try posting on Pinterest.  If Instagram is part of your daily routine, add Snapchat for some interest.  If you find you just don’t like a network, then you can stop.  But sometimes you will not know if you like something until you actually pick it up and try it out.

Trying new things with the way you use social media can help make social media fun and useful for your business in whole new ways.  I hope these five tips gave you a starting point for experimenting with your social media accounts.  If you want more help with your social media work, you can find more tips here.

How do you experiment with your social media accounts?  Any ideas or experiences to share?

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