5 Ways to Experiment with Your Freelance Writing

In freelance writing, it can be easy to get stuck in a cycle of just doing the same thing over and over again.  Whether it be writing for the same publications or just writing similar stories, boredom can eventually kick in and we feel like we need something new and fresh in our freelance writing.  If this is you, here are 5 ways to experiment and try something new in your freelance writing career:

5 Ways to Experiment with Your Freelance Writing

1. Write for different publications.  This is one of the best ways to experiment with freelance writing: find a new publication to write for.  Sometimes we stick with publications who give us regular work or are on a specific topic that we know well.  But I challenge you to look around either at your local newsstands or online and find a publication that you would normally pass over.  Is there a way that you can spin what you normally write to appeal to them?  Do you know of something that you could write about that would fit them perfectly?  Just a new perspective on articles can change things up (and lead to additional income increasing  opportunities).  Plus variety always looks good in a writing portfolio.

2. Try a new way of presenting information.  If you normally write long research articles, see if you can (connecting to point one) find someplace that you can present your writing in a new way, like in short clip or bullet point articles.  Or if you normally write short news briefs, challenge yourself to write a longer, narrative style of article.  This can help you grow in your writing ability and add some fun challenges mixed in your normal way of writing.

3. Go someplace new and then offer to write about it.  If you normally don’t write about your personal experiences with things or about live events in general, this can be a fun opportunity.  If you are going to be traveling, eating dinner at a new restaurant or attending a local event, ask a publication you write for if they would like an article about your experience.  You might get told no by your editor, but I challenge you to still write an article about your experience just for the opportunity to try writing about something new.  You might even pitch the finished piece to another publication and see if it sells there.

4. Try a new type of publication.  Newspaper writers tend to write for newspapers, bloggers tend to write for blogs, and people tend to write for the ‘type’ of publication they are used to.  So I challenge you to think outside the box: search around and look into writing for magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs or even newsletters.  Don’t feel like just because you have only written for magazines that you can’t write short clips for an online newsletter.  Or if you have only written for blogs, know that you can still write for print publications.  Each one has its own set of ‘rules’, so you will need to study up a bit.  But it can be fun to switch things up and learn to write for something new.

5. Write for free *gasp*!  Now this might be counter-intuitive for a freelance writer to write for free, but hear me out.  Go to your local non-profit organization or find your favorite blog/website and see if you can write something for them.  While a paycheck would probably not be part of the deal (at least a byline though), this can still be a great opportunity to open up the doors to something new and expand your writing portfolio.  Plus, if you find a non-profit that you truly care about or a blog that you love to read, sometimes the greatest reward is helping someone out and getting to see that you are part of something you love.

While there are other ways to infuse new life into your freelance writing career, I hope these five tips sparked some new ideas for you. If you would like more freelance writing tips, you can find more here.

How do you experiment with your freelance writing?  Any ideas or experiences to share?

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