5 Reasons Why I Don’t Share My Weekly Goals Anymore

As we grow as writers and as people in general, our goals change and what we do or write about gets adjusted.  For myself, I have decided to stop sharing my weekly goals publicly, going against some common held beliefs about public accountability and the benefits of such blog posts.  So why am I stopping them?  For a variety of reasons.

5 Reasons Why I Don't Post My Weekly Goals Anymore

Why I don’t Share My Weekly Goals Anymore:

1. The public accountability (positive peer pressure) did not work.  At the start, it did kind of motivate me to make sure to get my specific goals done each week.  But more often than not I just ended up feeling bad about not achieving my goals and having to come up with a specific reason (or excuse) why they did not happen.  Often I would get a majority of my goals accomplished, but I just got frustrated with not having everything crossed off each week (it’s the perfectionist in me).  Plus, I never felt like there was much ‘disappointment’ in others if I did not get my goals done or advice for how to change things if needed.  I just shared and moved on to the next week.

2. Public accountability doesn’t really have much benefit for some people anyway.  Many people believe that as part of setting goals you need to have an element of public or group accountability.  But honestly, for some people, it just creates unnecessary stress and leads to people giving up.  People will share their goals and be all excited, but then slowly fade away as they realize that they can’t handle the pressure and they don’t really want to make those goals a reality.  While other people, who never say a word about what they are working on, will suddenly come out and share their achievements.  I fall into the later group in terms of what actually works for me and how I grow best.

3. Some of my ‘goals’ were not really goals as much as they were non-essential, random items for me to cross off.  Yes, some were important, but others were just things I would make up so it looked like I was continuously working on big projects.  However, often the critical items were the ones that went undone, while the random items actually came into being.  But I just felt the pressure to have a list of goals to share, and the more things the more impressive I felt.

4. My life keeps changing and so do my goals.  When you know that you have a pretty ‘set in stone’ list of goals, that makes coming up with monthly/weekly steps for achieving them easier.  Unfortunately, life happens and our goals will often have to be adjusted, may end up being accomplished quicker than we imagined, or we might get rid of some goals altogether as they no longer fit our lives.  I’ve been going through that a lot this year and it really just makes things confusing when I’m constantly changing things around, adjusting my goals and having to come up with new goals to replace them.  I want to create the flexibility to not have to worry about explaining to people why things are changing, how things are changing, and why I’m replacing things around my goals.  Just unnecessary explanation that bogs me down each week.

5. I need to Just Get It Done.  If I can’t be my own motivating factor for getting goals accomplished, then how the heck will having exterior pressure help me at all?  I need to be able to make my goals privately, sit down and get them done.  No writing up posts or sharing about them. Sure, some people get benefit from having exterior help and a group to answer to, but if YOU can’t be enough of a motivating factor for doing great things and having a great life, then you need to do some soul-searching as to why.  I just need to make my goals happen and know that I’m the one I have to answer to if they don’t come to light.  And that should be enough for me.

From now on, I’ll share my yearly goals primarily, just to give an overview of what I am working on each 12 month cycle.  I will continue with my monthly goals for this year, but eventually may stop them as well.  I just want to focus on my goals privately and see where they take me next.

Do you share your goals publicly or do you prefer to get them done privately?

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